1 DD 03

13nd October 2009

Mr. Andhika Prakoso

PT.Slippy Financial

Jln.Prapanca Raya NO.19

Jakarta Pusat

To Mr. Andhika Prakoso,

Based on the financial in Jakarta News Paper that im read , I would like to apply for the post of a financial staff on your company .

As you can see to substance review my curriculum vitae , my education and my work experience as administration staff .

I enclose my curriculum vitae and would be glad to meet you fr an interview anyday after 13nd October .

I ask your a forward give to reply my request .

Sincerely yours,

Wenny Octora


Name                         : Wenny Octora

Date of Birth              : October 31 ,1988

Age                             : 22

Nationality                 : Indonesia

Home address          : Jln.Kenangan Putih Blok.O No.123


Marital Status            : Single

Education                  : Elementary school

Junior high school

Senior high school

Economic college of Gunadarma University

Activities                    : College of Gunadarma University

Work experience      : 2001-2006 adminstration of bank Mandiri

2007-2009 Official Staff Administration

Skills                          : Typing , Financy Administration

Interest                       : Sing ,Photography and Read Story

Language                  : Fluency in English , and Mandarin

PT.Slippy Financial

Jln. Prapanca Raya

Jakarta Selatan , 13779

15th October 2009

Mr. Yudith Prasetyo

Excecutive Director

Bank DKI

Jln. Gambir Raya 136

Jakarta 778600

Dear Mr. Yudith,

Mrs.Cintya has applied for the position of  secretary to the president director of this company and has given your name as reference.

We would be very greatful if you could give us your opinion of  her suitability for the position we have. We are particulary interested in appointing someone with administration background and typing skills .

Any information that you can see give us will of course be treated as strictly confidential.

Sincerely yours,


Personal manager


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