Rain and My Dreams…

when rain fell, that’s when my heart feel good .. for some reason!
probably because of the rain is one thing that can make everyone feel the beauty, romance and comfort possible to interpret dreams beautiful …
Occasionally, a sense of awe and wonderful was enjoying the pouring rain.
Although the rain often makes us upset, but at depths of our eyes could see, Behold the rain saves a lot of energy to our wonderful absorbency. Basically, the earth needs the rain from the sky. And, living things need rain to life.

For me, the rain will always be felt by the cheery and happy heart …. Of course full of gratitude to god. Spotty rain can be a struggle for meaning; especially for people who always sense that has been kind enough sky, bathing the earth with beautiful dreams that must also exist within every living thing (:

Moreover, if after the rain speckled the sky sunny warm. As such it is a time for singing, look back and refresh again the beautiful memory of the word future, and the meaning of life through slit one event.


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